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Project overview


Create an integrated experience
through motion content.

Teman Startup want to communicate their value and belief to their market. They have unique values and beliefs, that will help Startup Founder to achieve their goals. By being a mediator, Teman Startup bridge Startup Founder on 2 sides, are a big and small brand. Teman Startup want to communicate their value and belief through motion branding, as a new interesting way to do branding.


Besides their own goals, Sculpt Visual saw another potential goal that can be achieved too through motion branding. The potential goal that will bring many opportunities for Teman Startup, if strategized well. Sculpt Visual set another goal that are having strong and authentic brand imagery for Teman Startup, comparing to their competitor.


With a hope that they can have a strong and authentic image on that market, comparing to their competitor. Teman Startup as an ecosystem for every founder to grow and educate, with every value and story Teman Startup has. Teman Startup wants to achieve those goals through motion branding, a new way to do branding.


A "human-made" motion content.

With in-depth brand analysis, and anthropological research Sculpt Visual shaped a key statement to be delivered in every motion branding output. Seeing Startup on both 2 sides, Sculpt Visual made an equalizer for it that is "interact", to learn and also educate. Then Sculpt Visual mixed it with Teman Startup's branding, and built it to be a key persona, then made it into a key statement that is "Teman Startup as an ecosystem for their friends to interact".

Sculpt Visual integrated and delivered that key persona and key statement in a form of motion identity. Unconsciously shaping more than just an image, but a persona for Teman Startup. A persona that is authentic and strong, to convince Teman Startup's target customer to be loyal to Teman Startup.

Project output

Company Profile

Sculpt Visual create a motion logo for Teman Startup with a message that is "interact in an ecosystem". This motion logo delivers that message so that Teman Startup have strong and authentic imagery compared to their competitor and also works as a recall for Teman Startup, make Teman Startup easy to be recalled in their audience's mind.


Sculpt Visual collaborated with Soundlit Studio for audio branding on this output.

We couldn't publish some parts of this project, as it is confidential.
All parts that have been published, have been discussed with the clients.

Client Lead

Kevin Sudewo: Chief Operating Officer

Yulissa Christie: Project Officer


Dhamma Viriya Chandra: Chief Executive Officer

Karina Rahma: Graphic Designer

Sculpt Visual and Buildbuilt

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