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Project overview


Asset that create recall
and imagery

Vaia is one of the biggest local fashion brand in Indonesia. To support the growth that Vaia has, Vaia did many marketing strategies. One of them is collaboration campaign.

Did so many collaboration campaign with brands and also designers, Vaia didnʼt want to miss the opportunities to strengthen their brand equity. The brief was to create an asset that can be a recall and create an imagery.


Motion logo that represents
"Be elegant in every move"

Analyzed Vaiaʼs branding as a fashion brand, Sculpt Visual tried to understand the imagery and character that Vaia has. Then, we did several motion branding strategy based on our framework.


Finally, Sculpt Visual created a motion logo for Vaia. Motion logo that represents “Be elegant in every move”. An asset that can be an uniqueness for Vaia. Creating a brand recall and also imagery.

Project output

Motion Identity: Motion Logo

"Be elegant in every move". As the main product of Vaia that is women shoes, we delivered the promise of "elegancy" in every step Vaia's customers have. Each motion represents curation of Vaia's product, the creative process behind it. Then, Vaia give this masterpiece to give "elegancy" for their customers.

We couldn't publish some parts of this project, as it is confidential.
All parts that have been published, have been discussed with the clients.

Client Lead

Affania Fariza: Creative Director

Stien Juliana: Social Media Specialist


Dhamma Viriya Chandra: Chief Executive Officer

Karina Rahma: Graphic Designer

Sculpt Visual and Vaia

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