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Sculpt Dictionary

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  • Brand Story

    A collection of stories owned by the brand

  • Brand Ensoulment

    Brand Ensoulment is how a brand can be live as a persona, have a soul on it.

  • Brand Existence

    Brand Existence is an authentic methodology owned by Sculpt Visual, guiding and clarifying about how to use motion branding strategically to achieve clear and strategic goals for a brand. More at

  • Brand Gesture

    Brand Gesture is a tool owned by Sculpt Visual that acts as a standard for brands to integrate their motion branding. Brand Gesture has 4 dimensions that are: - Brand Character - Brand Movement - Motion Purpose - Motion Attribute More at

  • Brand Archetype

    Brand archetype is the personification of behaviors and provides a roadmap that enables your brand to more accurately appealing to a given desire with a specific personality. There are 12 brand archetypes: The Outlaw The Magician The Hero The Lover The Jester The Everyman The Caregiver The Ruler The Creator The Innocent The Sage The Explorer Archetypal mix consists of core archetype and influencer archetype. Your core archetype may need to be aligned with your industry archetype (depending on your sector). If so, you need to get creative with your influencer archetype. Source:

  • Brand Mantra

    A brand mantra is a short, three to five-word phrase that captures the irrefutable essence or spirit of the brand positioning. It’s similar to “brand essence” or “core brand promise,” and its purpose is to ensure that all employees and external marketing partners understand what the brand most fundamentally is to represent to consumers so they can adjust their actions accordingly. Brand mantra consists of three parts, brand function, descriptive modifier, and emotional modifier. The brand functions term describes the nature of the product or service or the type of experiences or benefits the brand provides. The descriptive modifier further clarifies its nature. The emotional modifier provides another qualifier "how exactly does the brand provide benefits and in what ways?" Source: Strategic Brand Management 4th Edition - Kevin Lane Keller

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