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Project overview


Create a perception to
strengthen Haloka's brand.

Haloka is an educational platform that has a core belief that is "everyone has their role in society". Haloka exists to help them find their role, through classes, webinars, and others.

Haloka needed a strong and integrated branding in order to engage with their audience and make them loyal. Brand strategy that could create a perception that strengthen Halokaʼs brand.


Integrated brand persona
as a "helpful friend" 

Started with a question "Who are the people you will easily believe? especially when you want to learn something?" Some of us will answer "teacher". However, the thing is people should also be engaged besides of just believing.

So, we shaped a brand persona for Haloka as a "Helpful friend that helps people to contribute positively to society". Then, we integrate it on every motion branding output we will make. Sculpt Visual transforms Haloka's brand to be exist as a "helpful friend".

Project output

Motion Identity: Motion Logo

The first output we made for Haloka. We integrated Haloka's brand persona in order to make it exist. With a message "helping others to contribute positively", this motion logo act as an expression for Haloka's face (logo).

Motion Content: Introduction Video

To communicate Haloka's beliefs and values well, Sculpt Visual also made an introduction video for Haloka. Not just to communicate the information that Haloka wants to deliver, but also meanings that Haloka have.

Motion Content: Halokaleidoskop

Celebrating Haloka's first anniversary, Sculpt Visual brainstormed with some of Haloka's team to create something that is meaningful for Haloka and Halokawan (Haloka's audiences). Through Halokaleidoskop we want Halokawan to be engaged and also have a little flashback in Haloka's journey.

We couldn't publish some parts of this project, as it is confidential.
All parts that have been published, have been discussed with the clients.

Client Lead

Stephanie Regina: Founder

Bintang Bramastya: Performance Marketing

Stephanie Siacahyo: Design Lead


Dhamma Viriya Chandra: Chief Executive Officer

Karina Rahma: Graphic Designer

Sculpt Visual and Haloka

Copyright © May 2021

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