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"Most of the existing psychological bureau in Indonesia have a rigid style. Klee want to give a new color to the psychological bureau market, that is friendly and fun, but also professional, an image that Klee wants to attach. Klee want to achieve those goals using logo animation.

Michael Lee, Co-Founder

Project overview


Make Klee logo looks alive.
Create unique recall for Klee.

Creating an image of friendly and fun but also professional isn't easy for Klee. Klee should do a branding strategy that can communicate those images so that Klee's audience can perceive those images. Moreover, a strategy that can differentiate Klee from their competitor, giving a new color to the psychological bureau market. So, Klee chooses motion branding as one of their branding strategies.

Make Klee logo looks alive, create a perception in the audiences' mind. Goals that can be achieved through motion branding. But more than that, Sculpt Visual set one more goal, which is create a unique recall for Klee. To strengthen Klee's brand equity, through a recall that Klee's competitors don't have, a recall that perfectly perceives in the audience's mind.


Unique brand element on every
creation as a recall for Klee.

Understanding Klee's situation and value, and shaping a persona for Klee using brand archetype. Sculpt Visual set a key statement to be delivered through motion branding, that is "Klee bring and give luck that heals, by hearing as a friend that advises".

Then, we create an element that represents that statement. The element that is easy to integrate on every motion branding output.

Finally, we put that element into every output we created. The output of our motion brand strategy are motion logo, tagline design and animation, youtube watermark, and also Instagram GIF. Those outputs are integrated well, be a recall for Klee and also deliver a message to the audiences' mind.

Project output

Motion Logo

Sculpt Visual make Klee logo looks alive by creating a motion logo for Klee with a key message that is "bringing and giving luck that heals". Achieving the goals that Klee want to achieve, through a basic motion branding element.

Besides that, this motion logo also be a unique recall for Klee. Giving a uniqueness to remembered, and also an imagery on it to be delivered.

Tagline Design and Animation

In the middle of the project, Klee wanted to design a tagline and also animation for it. So, we integrated the motion branding that we already made, to this output. Creating the same imagery, but with a different message that is "Klee make a kinder world for everyone by bringing and giving luck that heals".

Logo and Tagline Animation

We mixed logo and tagline animation, in one identity logo animation for Klee. Integrated well to create imagery and recall for Klee.

We also made watermark and Instagram GIF animation for Klee on this project.

We couldn't publish some parts of this project, as it is confidential.
All parts that have been published, have been discussed with the clients.

Client Lead

Carrin Fu: Founder

Michael Lee: Co-Founder


Dhamma Viriya Chandra: Chief Executive Officer

Karina Rahma: Graphic Designer

Sculpt Visual and Klee

Copyright © June 2021

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