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14 Juni 2021 | Written By: Despasya | Edited By: Dhamma and Evelyn

The Importance of Brand Identity for a Business

"Brand Identity is all elements of a brand that identify and distinguish the brand in audience's mind, such as logo, tagline, color, etc"

The importance of brand identity for a b

Audience mind. How they remember brand identity | Picture By: Karina

Have you ever ask about what made a business accomplished its success point and loved by its customers? 

Do you think it’s because the quality? Its competitive price? Or do you think there’s another factor behind it all?


First, you need to have your own definition of “Success”. Is your kind of success brings money? Ability to survive? Or knowing that your business is widely known by many people?


Every bits of success have its own different strategy from one another. However, one thing that is certain, all kinds of success needs a strong Brand within it, and inside a strong Brand, the need of Brand Identity acting as a core foundation is crucial.

Defining Brand Identity

The term “Brand’ seems to lost its true meaning these days. As an example to this is how many people used the term “Brand” and referring it to logo, yes, it’s actually right that logo is a part of a Brand. However, Brand Identity have its own significance that’s far from that.


Seth Godin defines Brand Identity as “a set of expectation, memory, story and relationship that persuades customer’s decision in choosing a product from other similar choices. ”A logo, packaging, typography, and character are factors that exists in a Brand Identity. However, Brand Identity itself is something that can’t be seen or intangible. It is the emotional feeling felt by a person. It is also an element that differentiates one product from another similar product.


Developing a strong Brand Identity for a business is crucial these days. The reason behind it is because Brand Identity brings many advantages that may bring a change and expands your business. Not only in building your business’s reputation, but it also acts as a special feature that differentiates you from others. Besides that, it also enables in attracting new targeted customers, yet giving the current customers a feeling of personalization and cast them a sense of familiarity.


It is really important for a business to have a consistency in its Brand Identity. Why so? It’s because Brand Identity represents the message and feeling that the business wants to deliver. In this case, Brand Identity that is owned should be well defined and consistent in every place shown.


In order to build a Brand Identity, business owners are required to invest in a systematic brand management that will help the business in order to maintain its consistency yet still being flexible with the changes that may happen in the market.

Why Brand Identity is now Crucial?

1.  Builds Brand Loyalty and Trust

One way for your business to have a unique selling point is by having Brand Identity that are able to differentiate your business among other businesses in the market.


A strong Brand are able to deliver your business’s vision to build emotional connection with customers, especially for them that have a similar vision like yours. This type of connection turns your business to easily create a long term relationship with customers, in which will affects their loyalty.

2. Giving Them the Feeling of Security and Stable

A Brand Identity have the ability to help a business in building its stable image, If you have a strong Brand Identity, that may produces a feeling and impression of the business is building a long term relationship with the customers. As if, giving the customers affirmation by having a clear and precise Brand Identity.

3. Giving Consistency for the Business

Brand Identity helps business in building a message and impression consistently. Businesses with strong Brand equity will surely have loyal customers and a special bond with their customers. Whereby, one thing that needs well taken care of in building it is by having a consistency in the business so the message built can integrate in a good way possible.

4. Helps in Brand Recognition

Developing Brand Identity and using it consistently can help customers remembers your business as well as your value. The more target audience that views your Brand Identity, the more they will be connected with the business. Every time you interact with your target audience, your business will have the chance in leaving them with impression that they will hardly forget and creates a strong connection with them.

5. Showing Commitment and Personal Pride

Creating a unique Brand identity signify that you are proud and is committed towards your business in achieving its success. Target audience will more likely to believe about what you offer because a business that is confident in investing towards its success will never sell promises but instead the ability of producing concrete result. This way creating Brand Loyalty and Trust in every of its interaction.

6. Giving Soul to the Business

In order to create a business with customers that is loyal, the need of a strong Brand Equity is required. Whereby, Strong Brand Equity can be achieved when customers and Brand have resonated nicely. With meaning, customers have felt connected with the business (Brand) and identifies themselves with the brand. In order to build the relation, customers have to classify the brand as a “persona” to the. Here the role of Brand Identity is to give life for the brand to become a “persona”, the “person” then can be loved and remembered by the customers.

What We Believe about Brand Identity?

Brand identity for a brand is a must. But beside that, we believe that a brand should live in the mind of the audiences as a “persona” that is real, a persona that is clear, a persona that is truly exist. Which then is considered as a part of the life of the customers, in order to create a resonance between brand and customers. Because of that, a brand should create their brand identity that can make their brand truly exist. Sculpt Visual turns brand exists for its customers with our authentic methodology named “Brand Existence”.

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