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Project overview



To represent working from
home could be effective.

To be united

as a team.

During the beginning of the pandemic, people started to work from home. However, many people couldn't adapt to this new habit, no exception for the UBS team. To solve this problem, UBS wants to create a video that unites their team and also motivates them.

Sculpt Visual on behalf of Until 8 Creative created a video with an objective that is to represent working from home could be effective. Sculpt Visual was responsible to create a motion branding that represents UBS itself, and one of them is a seasonal motion logo.

Understanding the objective and UBS as a brand itself, the first thing that Sculpt Visual did is create a fundamental of motion branding.

Those fundamentals that are based on our observation about work from home, UBS brand core, and of course the brief itself, are summarized into a key statement that is "To be united as a team". Our output that is a seasonal motion logo, should deliver that key statement into every motion we create.

Project output

Seasonal Motion Logo

Delivering "To be united as a team" as a key message, every motion and element on this seasonal motion logo has been set to represent that message.

"Keys" as values that UBS team should implement, move together to the same direction, revealing UBS logo. Those keys move at the exact same speed, melody, and tempo.

All of the motions represent "unity" that the UBS team should implement. "Unity" that integrates UBS values that are confidence, security, and discretion.

We couldn't publish some part on this project, because it is confidential.
All part that has been published, are already discussed with the clients.

Client and Partner

Joshua Lee: Creative Manager

Daniel Sului: Production Manager


Dhamma Viriya Chandra: Chief Executive Officer

Sculpt Visual, Until 8 Creative, and UBS

Copyright © June 2021

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