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YOUYOUNG Indonesia

Project overview



To convince future collaborators
and also customers.

Company profile that mention
all the values and plannings.

2020 was an amazing new journey for YYID. They started to expand their business to Indonesia with a full of optimism and ambition.

Collaborating with leading local industries, YYID have an ambition to be a market leader in Indonesia,  and of course, they need to introduce who they are.

So, they need a company profile that represents all of their strength. The purpose is to convince their future collaborators and also customers.

We analyze their strengths by doing an interview and also observation. Then, we summarize those strengths into several points that we will deliver through their company profile.

We used shots that represent credibility, power, and simplicity. To support that, we also integrated those "imageries" into the motions we created.

With those imageries and points, YYID company profile will convenience future collaborators and also customers.

Project output

Company Profile

We integrated the fundamentals that we already set into a list of shots and motions. We used motions that have simple movement on every of them.

We couldn't publish some part on this project, because it is confidential.
All part that has been published, are already discussed with the clients.

Client and Partner

Mr. Song:


Dhamma Viriya Chandra: Chief Executive Officer

Sculpt Visual, Until 8 Creative, and UBS

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